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Simplify, Multiply, Optimise.

Simplifying our processes into discrete steps, we train team members and set up our facilities to ensure we get it right the first time.

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1 Simplify

Pharma GMP is complicated and is highly regulated. Beginning with an online audit, then our digital onboarding process through to manufacturing, warehouse and delivery, we break down the entire product journey to ensure all parties understand the areas where risk is most prevalent.

2 Multiply

Once we have processed the first batch we can start to increase line speed and cadence of batch changes. Batch change over times is a major KPI and efficient changeovers allow us an opportunity to service small batches economically. When volumes increase we typically multiply the capacity for the product by adding shifts and new cleanrooms and equipment.

3 Optimise

Where customers have many SKUs, we optimise the output by collaboration on procurement, regulatory approvals and planning. Planning is supported by real-time data from IoT sensors in every clean room, which measures OEE and informs production management of line speed challenges. Planning can dynamically adjust to the changing performance data enabling greater throughput.

Filling and Packing Capabilities.

We have a long history in packing and filling of pharmaceutical products. We have built a comprehensive knowledge of the technical, regulatory and compliance challenges involved to ensure the highest standard of quality. We have a wide range of services and regularly invest in machinery and equipment to expand our filling capacity, meeting the varying budgets, products and market needs of our customers.

  • blue check iconBlistering
  • blue check iconBottle, tub & sachet filling
  • blue check iconSecondary and tertiary packing
  • blue check iconAutomatic labelling & variable data coding
  • blue check iconReworking & repacking


We provide a range of warehousing options including temperature controlled, ambient monitored storage, controlled drugs storage and more. With an up-to-date computerised stock control system and striving for a fully paperless system, our professionalism and long term experience ensure optimal processes in accordance with regulations.

  • blue check icon

    Temperature controlled and monitored storage

  • bluecheck icon

    Controlled Drugs Storage

  • bluecheck icon

    Pick-pack and fulfilment

  • bluecheck icon

    Cell and Gene Therapy Logistics & Warehousing


When you work with Central Pharma you’re not only treated as a customer but as a valued partner. We ensure that you are taken care of by our project management team, from inception to completion of your project.

  • blue check iconDedicated project management
  • blue check iconQP Batch release & certification
  • blue check iconRegulatory support
  • blue check iconSite of importation
  • blue check iconProcurement
  • blue check iconTransport & distribution


Central Pharma is dedicated to full visibility and traceability of your product throughout its entire life cycle; We are continually investing in technology and information systems to provide relevant data directly into the hands of our customers.

  • blue check iconState-of-the-art Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) measurement
  • blue check iconEncrypted document exchange & approval platform
  • blue check iconIntelligent real-time data


We have been serialising and aggregating pharmaceutical products for global markets since 2014. We are proud to have become a leading partner to Marketing Authorisation Holders for their global serialisation and track and trace requirements.

  • blue check iconDedicated in-house serialisation specialists
  • blue check iconGlobal directives and standards covered
  • blue check iconAnti-tamper device (ATD) application
  • blue check iconReworking
  • blue check iconData Management
  • blue check iconFull Aggregation


Central Pharma works closely with a network of GMP certified manufacturing partners to offer virtual pharmaceutical clients with a ‘full service’ supply chain offering. This includes formulation, API sourcing and supply, bulk manufacturing, stability testing and storage, through to filling, packing into finished product presentations, analytical testing, and QP release into the market, ready for onward distribution.

  • blue check iconApproved GMP Partners
  • blue check iconFormulation support from concept
  • blue check iconTrial, scale-up, validation and commercial batches
  • blue check iconAPI and raw material sourcing & procurement
  • blue check iconFull product testing & stability
  • blue check iconCentral Pharma Biotechnica

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