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Pharmaceutical Serialisation.

Our pharmaceutical serialisation and aggregation services come with a wealth of experience and competency. With track and trace, we combat counterfeiting, keeping patients and your business safe.

We have a diverse range of clients and can service any area in the world.

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Dedicated in-house serialisation specialists.

We employ pharmaceutical serialisation specialists in-house to ensure a robust process that immediately addresses issues, avoiding delays and added costs. Our specialists maintain knowledge of global serialisation requirements and adhere not only to GMP and regulatory standards but our own strict standards of excellence.

Global directives covered and standards.

We have been providing pharmaceutical serialisation and aggregation for products in global markets since 2014. We are proud to have become a leading partner to Marketing Authorisation holders for their global serialisation and track & trace requirements, including EU Falsified Medicines Directive (2011/62/EU) and U.S. Drug Supply Chain Security Act.

Anti-Tamper Device (ATD) application.

Our serialisation lines code, scan and verify on-pack data. The service is equipped with tamper evident sealing machines to apply the Anti-Tamper Device (ATD) to each pack. We include aggregation stations for full traceability to shipper and pallet level and all regulatory services include validation.

Pharmacetuical Packaging


We can rework products that have previously been through pharmaceutical serialisation. If required, we can provide a simple late-stage serialisation only service. Our flexible approach can be tailored to act as an extension of our customers, or their Contract Manufacturing Organisation’s own operations.

Data management.

We have vast experience in connecting to other third-party software vendors. Our dedicated IT team make the company and product-level onboarding processes efficient and uncomplicated for the Marketing Authorisation Holder.

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Full aggregation.

We have extensive pharmaceutical serialisation and aggregation line capacity. We are continually investing in additional hardware and software to ensure that the products we pack, comply with current and emerging legislation in global markets. 

Full pharmaceutical aggregation enables full visibility and traceability of a product throughout its entire life cycle. 

The data aggregation from your production batch consists of a report containing a parent-child hierarchy, which ranges from the carton up to the pallet level.

Central Pharma will manage your data throughout the process. We also have the ability to store and report your serial numbers to your required destination.

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