Appraiseye and Central Pharma announce partnership


Appraiseye collaborates with Central Pharma to advance developed AI technology.

Appraiseye was established in 2022, launching in the U.S market. Their software solutions are used across a wide range of sectors including Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Manufacturing. Also used in hospitals and operating theatres to improve O.R efficiency and patient outcome. Using their real-time visibility and advanced analytics solutions, this enables quality inspection and a greater visibility on production data. From 100% inspection and tracking to robotic assembly lines and stock movement, they are already known as ‘one of the most advanced detection & tracking solutions in the world’.

Central Pharma, Bedford, UK, a specialist service provider of manufacturing, packaging and storage with advanced AI technology solutions for the healthcare industry, has announced its partnership with Appraiseye, San Jose, U.S, naturally complementing their advanced technological solutions.  

Appraiseye’s Lead Data Scientist and Co-founder, Mandeep Chauhan, comments “We are delighted to announce our partnership with Central Pharma. Utilizing Appraiseye’s advanced technologies, Central Pharma has been able to enhance their already high-quality manufacturing capabilities”.

Although the companies operate separately, Central Pharma’s CEO, Alwyn Smit sees the partnership as the “secret source to responding quickly to very high growth in the CGT market, with patient dedication, quality and full tracking”. The organisations support across industry, including hospital supply chains. 

For more information about the Appraiseye software solution packages or for Central Pharma services. Please contact:  

Mandeep Chauhan
Lead Data Scientist & Co-Founder, Appraiseye
+1 (650) 770 5158

Ian Robinson
Business Development Director, Central Pharma/ Appraiseye
+44 7849 846539

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