Central Pharma and CSafe to expand supply chain solutions for the CGT market


Central Pharma joins CSafe’s global partner network of pharma service providers to expand supply chain solutions for the cell and gene therapy market.

Established in 2006, Central Pharma are GMP and GDP compliant and offer scalable solutions for the cell and gene therapy, pharmaceutical and biotech industries. We are an ideal partner for organisations looking for a comprehensive, high quality and short lead time service provider.
We offer:

  • Cleanrooms for qualified kitting for forward sterile manufacture   
  • Extensive guaranteed warehousing to meet small to large scale demand
  • Third-party laboratory services
  • Ambient, 2-8, -20, -80 degree and Liquid Nitrogen temperature-controlled storage
  • 24-hour continuous temperature monitoring with real-time visibility 
  • Temperature-controlled transport solutions for all conditions         
  • Up to same day stock call-off and delivery  

Read the full press release:
CSafe, the largest active and passive temperature-controlled shipping solutions provider for pharmaceuticals, and Central Pharma, a specialized service provider of manufacturing, packaging and storage for the cell and gene therapy (“CGT”) and broader biopharma markets, have announced a new partnership to provide a complementary service network to support CGT products. 

The new partnership will provide expanded supply chain options for any CGT product, at any stage of development, with an initial focus on the European and UK markets.  

Operating from more than 75 service centers worldwide, CSafe is a proven, trusted partner for biopharmaceutical manufacturers seeking to navigate supply chain complexity, with a track record that includes shipping six billion doses of a leading COVID-19 vaccine, and 99.9% reliability across its cold chain portfolio. Central Pharma operates across European and UK markets with advanced AI software used within their specialist capabilities. From clean room kitting, to GMP filling and packing, they support warehousing storage and specialty logistics for a growing number of partners in the CGT industry. 

“CSafe is excited to deepen our capabilities to serve the rapidly growing CGT market in collaboration with Central Pharma,” said CSafe CEO Patrick Schafer. “Central Pharma has earned the confidence of key CGT developers in the UK and the EU, with plans to expand their core capabilities to other markets. We know how important these therapies are to patients everywhere, and it’s our mission at CSafe to protect every shipment.” 

“We’re excited to collaborate with CSafe in a sector we are deeply passionate about serving — the CGT market,” said Central Pharma CEO Alwyn Smit, “Leveraging CSafe’s consistent 40 year-history of reliability and performance and the company’s full range of cold chain solutions will only enhance our support for patient protection in the most complex and innovative area in medicine.” 

Customers seeking more information about the CSafe-Central Pharma solution for CGT and other regenerative medicines are encouraged to contact their Central Pharma or CSafe business development teams.

Ian Robinson
(Business Development Director, Central Pharma)
+44 7849 846539

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