Haverhill, UK Expansion

Central Pharma’s latest expansion to a new site in Haverhill.


Lack of cold and ambient storage facilities? Get ahead of the curve and secure a specialist temperature-controlled storage solution with Central Pharma.

With warehousing and storage facilities in high demand, the need for reliable cold and ambient storage is more important than ever. Central Pharma’s latest expansion to a new site in Haverhill, UK, offers pharmaceutical warehousing and storage capabilities to suit your needs.

Central Pharma’s latest expansion to a new site in Haverhill, UK

Central Pharmas two buildings in Haverhill, UK

The new site will benefit clients in a number of ways;

  • Refrigerated 2-8°C and ambient 15-25°C storage
  • 24-hour continuous temperature monitoring with real-time visibility
  • Dedicated and scalable cleanrooms
  • cGMP and GDP compliance
  • Customised kitting activities in cleanroom environments
  • Controlled drug safe storage
  • Temperature-controlled transit
  • Office space with high-speed WiFi
Central Pharma Office

Why collaborate with Central Pharma?

With a specialist range of third-party logistics and assembly services for the pharmaceutical and cell and gene therapy industries, we offer quality and flexibility in your outsourcing requirements.

Alongside the Haverhill facility, Central Pharma operates sites in Tralee, Ireland and our headquarters in Bedford, UK.

We have a long history in providing clients with regulatory assistance and are fully licenced to import product from countries outside of UK & Europe and QP release to over 40 countries.

Central Pharma Office

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