Pharmaceutical Technology.

Pharmaceutical technology is constantly evolving so we move with it, we upgrade and change our equipment and methods, smoothing out processes, this not only reduces cost but gives our customers visibility, traceability and reliability.

We have a diverse range of clients and can service any area in the world.

State-of-the-art OEE measurement

We run Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) software on our lines to give us in-depth access to a whole new dimension of data previously unavailable to many industries.

We constantly review our systems, upgrading equipment and software being used across all our facilities. The process improvements we implement translate to cost savings for our customers.

Encrypted document exchange & approval platform

We use a secure, GxP compliant validated document collaboration system; the cloud-based platform, driven by blockchain technology facilitates document sharing, review, and approvals. It has been specially designed for the pharmaceutical industry to remove inefficiencies when exchanging documentation and information, the system offers our customers full transparency and visibility of their activities with us.

Intelligent real-time data

We use real-time data from our IoT (Internet of Things) sensors in every clean room, this measures OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) informing production management of line speed challenges. Using the changing performance data, our production management dynamically adjusts the production line to ensure greater and more effective throughput.

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