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Part of the solution…

Our strategy is to grow our distributed manufacturing capability which attacks major shortages in the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Cell & Gene and Healthcare supply chain globally; we want to be part of the solution to provide a better quality product for the consumer.

Our People

We are skilled workers

It’s simple, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Cell & Gene and Healthcare GMP sites attract skilled workers, at Central Pharma, we provide support, education and training to ensure that local communities benefit from growing the number of skilled and Pharma qualified members.

We are innovative

We relentlessly drive innovation to ensure that we remain competitive providing our customers with the latest and best services.

We are efficient

Our sites operate 24/7 and the number of skilled and qualified personnel combined with a high utilisation rate of equipment creates critical mass to be efficient without compromising on quality or service.

We are ready

We analyse each project from the beginning ensuring all parties understand the areas where risk is most prevalent; by simplifying the process into discrete steps, we train our staff and set up our facilities to ensure the exceptional output you can depend on.

We are global

Our staff bring their skills, expertise and knowledge into Central Pharma from across the globe. Operating multiple sites within the UK and an EU site in Tralee, Ireland arms us with local industry and regulatory knowledge so we can be your local expert no matter where you are.

Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Cell & Gene and Healthcare Technology.

Pharmaceutical technology is constantly evolving so we move with it, we upgrade and change our equipment and methods, smoothing out processes, this not only reduces cost but gives our customers visibility, traceability and reliability.

We have a diverse range of clients and can service any area in the world.

State-of-the-art OEE measurement

We run Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) software on our lines to give us in-depth access to a whole new dimension of data previously unavailable to many industries.

We constantly review our systems, upgrading equipment and software being used across all our facilities. The process improvements we implement translate to cost savings for our customers.

Intelligent real-time data

We use real-time data from our IoT (Internet of Things) sensors in every clean room, this measures OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) informing production management of line speed challenges. Using the changing performance data, our production management dynamically adjusts the production line to ensure greater and more effective throughput.

The Mission…

Our mission is to add value, to our customers, our employees, the local community we operate in, the environment and our other stakeholders.

As an outsource service provider we frequently beat our customer’s internal capabilities with better quality and at a lower cost.

We welcome competition and if another service provider can beat us on quality and service we will be happy to work with them to provide the customer with the most optimal solution.

What We Do


Our people

We believe our employees are at the heart of what makes us unique, keeping us competitive and driving innovation.

Alwyn Smit Alwyn Smit


Karen Nichol Karen Nichol


Emil Swanepoel Emil Swanepoel


Cathy Keane Cathy Keane

Operations Director

Dave Hodgson Dave Hodgson

Technical Director

Ian Robinson Ian Robinson

Group Business Development Director

Rupert Smit Rupert Smit

Cell and Gene Therapy Advisory Board

Geeta Sharma

Head of Quality

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